Deforestation is pushing animals and humans closer together, increasing the risk of zoonotic diseases passing from animals to humans, including COVID-19. Protecting our planet is protecting ourselves.

Misinformation spreads faster when we’re upset.

Pause, #takecarebeforeyoushare

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The COVID-19 information vacuum has created a huge misinformation problem. Verified spoke to Cory Bergman and Jillian Stampher from Factal to find out how we can help to stop the spread of misinformation about the pandemic.

Vaccines save millions of lives every year. Share this graphic to show you support science and medicine in the fight against deadly disease. #vaccineswork

Traditional storytellers, travelling by horse, donkey or camel, spread life-saving information about measures to help prevent the spread of #COVID19 in Chad.

Misinformation around COVID-19 has cost lives. Dr Holly Seale and Md. Saiful Islam spoke to Verified about new research published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine on the devastating effect COVID misinformation has had on our communities.