As soon as the first vaccine was developed there were groups that campaigned against vaccination. Their message remains dangerous and rooted in fear.

Since the global vaccination program began in 1988, polio cases have dropped 99%. “I am doing this job as if I am fighting a war.” Khalida Nasreen shares her story of vaccinating against polio in Karachi, Pakistan.

Peter Openshaw, Professor of Experimental Medicine at Imperial College London explains why wearing face masks is important to help protect against the spread of COVID-19

45 million more people in Latin America and the Caribbean are expected to fall into poverty during the pandemic. Executive Secretary for UN Economic Commission for the region, Alicia Barcena, on the need to address the growing poverty and inequality.

“We’re here. We will support you. Just let us know. Don’t be afraid.”
— Zainab Bangura, the Head of the UN office in Nairobi, with a message of support for those experiencing gender-based violence, which has increased during the #COVID19 pandemic.

“Think and be careful how you share all the news that you see on the internet.”
See how the UN’s Verified campaign has taken to the local airwaves to encourage young people in Liberia to do their part to fight misinformation amid #COVID19.

In rural India, not everyone has access to verified information about COVID19.

See how Gram Vaani, a voice-based community platform is helping provide accurate & up-to-date information.

None of us are immune to the spread of medical misinformation. Dr Seema Yasmin talks about how medical myths can fool us all.

When people feel fear they reach for explanations that confirm their prejudices. Gabriela Gorjon explains what misinformation has spread in Mexico.

135 million people are on the brink of starvation, with COVID-19 it could become 270 million. David Beasley explains why we need to pay attention to world hunger.